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How we work

The proven process we follow to attract new clients and dedicated followers.

step one

Topic Discovery

We collaborate and identify topics that you could talk endlessly about. Then, we leverage local search engine data to pinpoint the information homeowners in your area are seeking. By matching your interests with homeowners’ needs, we create a custom strategy of endless video topics that cater to local homeowners.

step two


Get ahead of the competition with our training documentation and care package of tools. You’ll quickly learn how to structure videos for viral success and gain tips to make the recording process less daunting.

step three

Prompts & Scripts

Start your week off strong with our weekly email. Every Monday morning, we will send you three video topics complete with scripts that perfectly match your content plan. It only takes five minutes to record and send a video. It’s never been easier to stay consistent.

step four


We optimize your video files for all social media platforms by removing dead air, filler words, and adding attention-grabbing captions. Our team constantly experiments with editing techniques to ensure we deliver the best possible content to your audience.

step five


Once the video edited, we’ll return it to you for final review, along with corresponding social media captions. If we’re managing your social media, we’ll post the video on your behalf. Alternatively, if you prefer to handle your own social media, we’ll help you save time by setting up automated scripts that will upload the video to all your accounts.

step six


The TikTok and Instagram algorithms boost reach and discoverability, but there is a significant issue: lack of control over the audience. Videos are shown to anyone, anywhere. To address this, we use a small paid ads budget to promote every video and target homeowners in the local area. Ensuring your videos are shown to the people who matter most.

Why Us?

Benefits big companies can’t compete with.

Transparent Reporting

See real time metrics for all your digital properties we’re working on. Easy to understand and all in one central view.

Built For You

Any system we build is integrated into your business. We don’t gate-keep technology or your data.

Dedicated Team

Clear communication, consistency, and accountability. Your own remote marketing team.

No Long-Term Contracts

We believe in earning your business every month, which is why we don’t require any long-term contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is video so important?

Since the rise of TikTok, all social platforms now prioritize video content. The algorithms push video over all other media formats because video keeps users engaged. Real estate businesses are built on trust, and with the right video strategy you can create content that builds trust and convert leads into listings.

How do I know you’ll produce results?

Unlike other agencies and tech companies, we don’t lock you into our own technology. We build everything in your systems & accounts, so you own your data. To keep our clients informed, we provide access to a live dashboard of their accounts and frequent status update videos on the results of the campaigns we’re running.

What makes your agency different from the others in my DMs?

The spammy businesses in your DMs are designed to bring you leads in effort to collect a referral fee. Often resulting in stale leads and wasted time pursuing them because when you reach out they have no idea who you are. Our team is different because we operate as an extension of your team. Real people, building assets for your business, invested in your success.

What’s the commitment?

All of our clients commit to a 3-month agreement. Building a dedicated audience takes time! After the initial agreement the obligation is monthly. The average Lucas Digital client has worked with us for 12+ months.

Why wouldn’t I hire a marketing manager instead?

Good question. Since we run the same winning strategies with every client, we’re able to implement things quickly, avoiding costly training and oversight that would be needed to manage an employee.

A Note.

Too many homeowners get burned by part-time agents and faceless brokerages.

Which is why now more than ever, homeowners need great agents to help them navigate this confusing market. But after establishing a foundation, most Realtors face two challenges with scaling their business further:

1. Too busy to take on any more listings
2. Difficulty finding new clients beyond their inner circle and referrals

That’s why I started Lucas Digital, to give Realtors the marketing services they need to grow, so they can focus on what they do best.

Lucas Tyson

The marketing company for established real estate professionals. We help agents and brokerages manage their digital presence, attract quality leads, and scale their business with industry-leading digital marketing tactics.